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Good luck with it.
You have been trying a long time.
Credit to you for stickability  :) (y)
more like a stubborn old git :))
Good luck with it.
You have been trying a long time.
Credit to you for stickability  :) (y)
Did you get a reply to your letter hifimad?
thanks for the interest, no i have yet to receive a reply, i also sent the letter as an email direct to the labour leader of Chsterfield Borough Council, i intend to wait a week giving the Labour Leader every opportunity to respond before i give my response to their obvious contempt of the democratic process.
General Discussion / Craig Boden live dates in Chesterfield for 2018!
« Last post by craig boden on April 20, 2018, 12:28:51 PM »
Not too many local Chesterfield based dates in the next few months, so if you wanna come see me without having to travel too far, then please write the following dates in your diaries! Please feel free to share. Thanks x

The Holme Hall Inn, Holme Hall, Chesterfield, Saturday 28th April. 9pm start, free entry!

The Railway Hotel, Belper, Saturday 5th May, 9pm start, free entry!

Old Whittington Miners Social Club, Old Whittington, Chesterfield, Saturday 19th May, 8.30pm start, free entry!

The Gate Inn, North Wingfield, Chesterfield, Saturday 26th May, 9pm start, free entry!

Eckington Civic Centre, Eckington, Saturday 2nd June, 7.30pm start. £5 entry.

The Bulls Head, Old Whittington, Chesterfield, Saturday 7th July, 9pm start, free entry!
Chesterfield Discussion / Craig Boden, live dates in Chesterfield 2018!
« Last post by craig boden on April 20, 2018, 12:17:31 PM »
The fantastic Craig Boden will be performing in or around Chesterfield at the following places on the following dates!
Rock n' roll, 80's pop, party tunes, 60's/70's hits, chart tunes & classic rock!
Entry to all is free, so i hope to see you there, and feel free to join the Facebook group: Craig Boden vocalist.
Thank you x

Saturday 28th April - The Holme Hall Inn, 9pm start
Saturday 5th May - The Railway Hotel, Belper, 9pm start
Saturday 19th May - Old Whittington Miners Social Club, 8.30pm start
Saturday 26th May - The Gate Inn, North Wingfield, 9pm start
Saturday 2nd June - Eckington Civic Centre, 7.30pm start (£5 entry)
Saturday 7th July - The Bulls Head, Old Whittington, 9pm start
Did you get a reply to your letter hifimad?
in my post i stated that i had received a promise from the Chief Executive that he would answer all my questions related to the incident i wrote about, this was an error the person who made that promise was in fact the Executive Director i apologise for mixing them up as unlike the Council i have no intention to mislead or be gulty of denial, obfuscation and lies which so far has been the diet served up by Chesterfield Borough Council.
Dear Mrs Gilby, as you are aware i wrote to you recently as an elected representative of the people and supposedly answerable to the people, the matter I raised with you concerns a complaint of criminality by employees of Chesterfield Borough Council which the Council is actively refusing to address by not answering my reasonable questions, once again you have not only failed to address the issues I raised with you, you have passed the responsibility to reply to the aforementioned issues to a council employee, the very same employee I have every reason to believe is responsible for the covering up and Council dishonesty involved in the lack of response to the issues I have raised with you. If you are a truly democratic organisation then you have a duty to respond to my reasonable questions by responding to them honestly and openly a honesty also promised by the Councils Chief Executive( but has yet to materialise), Boris Johnson recently said of the Russian government that as a result of British complaints to this government that all we had received from them was Mixture of smug sarcasm and denial, obfuscation and delay, apparently he sees this as unacceptable, this being the case I would expect our own democratic institutions not to behave in a similar fashion, that is if indeed they are truly democratic and believe in honesty and openness to the electorate, a fact which I now find extremely unbelievable.
Chesterfield Discussion / Re: the buddies r&r band
« Last post by Old Cruser on February 23, 2018, 11:22:28 AM »
Yes they are still playing.
I booked them for my daughters 40th birthday party.

I know one, Danny, personally he is the grandson of one of my oldest friends.

Great band
Chesterfield Discussion / the buddies r&r band
« Last post by hifimad on February 21, 2018, 05:32:58 PM »
Does any forum member know if the chesterfield band the buddies are still going, a few years ago i had just spent a five day holiday at Bognor butlins, Bognor i might add is in my opinion is the most awful resort i have ever been to (the clue is in first three letters of its name), the day after i got back i went into town and the Buddies were playing opposite Mcdonalds and they were really good, the reason i mentioned butlins is that the buddies were far and away more entertaining than any of the so called quality entertainment we had seen there.  we also saw them at the now defunct wheatsheaf and have not heard of them playing locally since.
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