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Chesterfield Discussion / Re: First Snow
« Last post by Old Cruser on December 10, 2017, 09:34:04 PM »
We know weather forecasters can get it wrong but what has peed me off this time is that DCC and the Police have issued warnings along with various other organisations who have offered shelter for the homeless.
It has been taken very seriously.

In light of these warnings I have put precautions into place.
I don't care that we didn't get the deluge which we were told to prepare for.

Instead I have read posts with people moaning about the lack of gritters on their streets and pavements.
Then when the deluge didn't come they moan about that!!

The fact that we didn't get as much is a bonus as far as I am concerned  and I would rather be given the worst scenario - some moan for the sake of moaning.

I agree with you it does make the scenery so pretty but hard for some as you say.

We seem to have a Nation of moaners at times!!
Chesterfield Discussion / Re: First Snow
« Last post by hifimad on December 10, 2017, 03:35:41 PM »
the one ting not mentioned is when snow does come it does make everthing look pretty, and when it goes dark with the orange street lights it looks really nice, that is not to say i do not sympathise with te elderly or disabled as having a disabled partner myself i am aware of the increased risks.
Politics / Re: brexit latest
« Last post by Old Cruser on December 09, 2017, 01:34:33 PM »
Not sure if I heard this correctly on the news but a different Government can reverse it ? If that's correct it's been a load of wasted money.
Politics / brexit latest
« Last post by hifimad on December 09, 2017, 11:18:05 AM »
So now we have it, the latest news which states that even after we leave the EU we are going to be subject to the european court for eight years, forgive me but did the leave campaign not state that one of the reason we should leave was to make us independant from the european court. so we will leave the EU which will dissapoint remainers like myself while at the same time the leave camp will not get the independance from the EU courts that they voted for, and it is going to cost us 40 billion pounds to do so, for both sides THIS IS MADNESS.
Chesterfield Discussion / Re: First Snow
« Last post by Old Cruser on December 09, 2017, 11:00:51 AM »
Residents urged to take care as we gear up for snow
8 December 2017

Derbyshire residents are being urged to prepare for heavy snow which is forecast to fall across the county on Sunday, 10 December 2017.

The Met Office has reported that while some sleet and snow showers are expected in parts of the county on Saturday afternoon and evening, widespread heavy snow is expected to arrive during Sunday morning. Around 10cm is expected although in some parts of the county it could be as much as 15 to 20cm.

We're gearing up for the expected snowfall following the Met Office Amber Warning and has a number of measures in place to keep the county moving and ensure older and vulnerable residents are cared for and safe.

Our fleet of 36 gritters, which can all be fitted with snow ploughs when needed, are ready to work around the clock from six depots around the county and we have a stockpile of 27,000 tonnes of salt (generally referred to as grit).

Around half of the 3,500 miles of road that we're responsible for are on gritting routes, and major roads, known as primary routes, will be gritted first and where necessary ploughed, followed by secondary routes which include bus routes in residential areas and well-used main roads through housing estates and villages.

The gritting teams will be backed by a team of farmers and other contractors who are on standby to help clear roads where needed and a number of volunteer snow wardens will also be out helping to keep pavements and public spaces clear and safe.

Highways officers have warned road users not to assume that roads have been gritted when driving and to check our website for the latest updates.

Our frontline care staff are also making plans to ensure they can reach older and vulnerable people in the community, and extra staff have been drafted in to work on Sunday to help organise services.

We're preparing to:

use 4x4 vehicles to help health and social care staff reach residents in their homes
prioritise visits to ensure the most vulnerable receive the care they need
help other agencies, including those in the independent sector, reach their clients.
We're urging residents to be prepared and take some simple steps to make sure they stay safe and well during the cold snap and snowfall. These include:

ensuring you have enough medication you may rely on and other supplies, for example food and baby milk
keeping your home warm − your main living room should be between around 18 to 21C (65 to 70F) and the rest of your house at a minimum of 16C
being a good neighbour and checking on older neighbours and relatives.
Our Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure Councillor Simon Spencer said:

"Latest forecasts suggest widespread snowfall across Derbyshire with at least 10cm or more on Sunday.

"Our gritting teams work extremely hard day and night to keep roads clear and make sure the county is safe and moving.

"It's not realistic to be able to grit every single road so we target our gritting on the roads that benefit the greatest number of people and the most important services.

"If the weather is as predicted on Sunday, we'd urge motorists not to make journeys unless absolutely necessary and use public transport where possible − but check services are running before you leave home.

"We'd also ask people to keep an eye on elderly and vulnerable neighbours.

"We'll be monitoring conditions closely and we're on standby to help co-ordinate emergency help, if conditions are severe, such as helping health and social care workers to keep services running where necessary, transporting heating fuel to elderly and vulnerable residents, taking emergency medication to residents in 4x4s and helping residents get to emergency medical and hospital appointments."

Chesterfield Discussion / Re: CCTV CAMERAS
« Last post by hifimad on December 09, 2017, 10:04:13 AM »
Nowl lets suppose all the above hypothetical incidents had been real rather than imaginary, it may be that at some point a person might find themselves in conference about complaints he may or may not had made, lets just say that he was talking to however unlikely the executive director James Drury would it not be instructive if that person had on him at the time of the conference an olympus digital recorder (i only mention a olympus recorder as i hapen to have one) and lets just say a perrson where  to have a recording of James Drury saying  that at the time of a supposed incident the people involved were not as had previously been claimed Sia registered, such a recording if it did indeed exist lets say saved on a lenovo t410 laptop coincidentally exactly the same as the one i am using now, then this non existant recording would be not only be instructive it may also be evidence of a crime having been comitted as to claim you are SIA registered when you are not is a criminal offence, it may also suggest that the council have little or no concern about the law as it pertains to thier own actions all, also if such recordings did exist i suspect someone might make sure that copies had been made and kept in a secure location and not just on his imaginery laptop,  all hypothetical of course
Chesterfield Discussion / Re: First Snow
« Last post by Old Cruser on December 09, 2017, 09:54:15 AM »
I have never shopped on Christmas Eve that I remember - maybe for ordered bread rolls from a baker but otherwise no.
It's done generally at the beginning of December.
As we don't have the children now I don't really buy much extra for Christmas food wise either.

DCC appear to be taking tomorrows coming snow quite serious actually from the email I have had, so just be aware!
Chesterfield Discussion / Re: CCTV CAMERAS
« Last post by Old Cruser on December 09, 2017, 09:33:44 AM »
Anyone who owns, operates, or is effectively in charge, of a CCTV system that covers an area that is accessible to the public, is required by law to be trained and qualified to SIA standards.

This means that they have to be aware of, and abide by, the letter of the law regarding your rights to access any recordings that you may be involved in, as well as your rights under the Data Protection Act.

Breaches of these rules are a criminal matter, and if you believe they have occurred then talk to a solicitor.
Tampering with video evidence always leaves a digital imprint on the records, and a court can require any licenced operator to provide the records as evidence in a hearing.

Yes - correct. Well said !

If you are serious about these allegations then you need to get advice from a legal professional, and not, with all due respect, the unqualified members of this forum.
Chesterfield Discussion / Re: First Snow
« Last post by hifimad on December 09, 2017, 02:43:56 AM »
the thing that fills me with amusement at this time of year is going into tescos on christmas eve where you see shopping trolleys absolutely heaving, the shop is only shutting for one day and everybody appears to be stocking up for a possible nuclear attack, and before you think i am being overly judgemental i was bought up in the era where shops used to close for a few days over christmas so i have been as guilty of doing this as everybody else up until the last two years where i have been more a bit more carefull.
Chesterfield Discussion / Re: CCTV CAMERAS
« Last post by hifimad on December 09, 2017, 01:51:22 AM »
an excellent post though i say so myself in absolutely no modesty whatsoever :). hypotheticaly the council may drag its feet dealing with a complaint for four years in the knowledge that the ombudsman only responds to complaints upto a year old, during which time he or she expects the council to have dealt with all three stages of any complaint within a reasonable time frame as required by law, you may also aproach the information commissioner who would inform you that he would not take action and you would have to take the matter to court yourself, the only real option now would be to use the right wing press to point out to people the behavior of and to discredit a labour administration nationaly the other option would be to seek a judicial review at a minimum cost of £30000 of course this is all hypothetical.
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