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Politics / Re: Tory Minister Admits Voters No Longer Want Brexit
« on: April 17, 2019, 12:43:29 AM »
Oh gawwed.
He fought valiantly for Brexit then sat back and watched whilst the shit hit the fan.
  along with the tory brexiteers

Politics / Re: 2016 referndum invalid?
« on: April 17, 2019, 12:41:18 AM »
the real problem is the so called brexiteers made promises they had no intention of keeping, such as we would be getting the same benefits trade wise if were out of the EU as in it, the nhs would get £350m a week and 80m turks were about to invade our shores and we would take back control of our laws and everthing would be rosy, all this without a mention of the downsides, while secretly planning to drag us out of the EU whihout any deals at all, and then ultimate lie all this they were doing for the people, HORSE DUNG. the majority of the people in this country are working class, and the majority of parliaments brexiteers are priveledged ex public school moneyed toffs, since when did these type of people give a twopeeny bit for the working class let alone seeding control to them, the referendum and ultimately brexit never was or has been about the people it has all been about the internecine warfare in the tory party the whole brexit outcome and continuing debate is based on one massive lie and that is us being told that brexit is about democracy.

Politics / Re: Tory Minister Admits Voters No Longer Want Brexit
« on: April 14, 2019, 07:18:08 PM »
I don't understand why she thinks she can negotiate a deal that's worse than we already have :-?
because that is what she has achieved, the real question is why, and i think i know the answer, the fact is everybody refers to the 2016 referendum as the first about Britains membership of the EU, it was not, the first refendum was in 1975, and ever since the tory right have have been kicking off about the EU.
The tory right have been droning on since 2016 about honouring the referendum and how the peoples 2016 vote is cast in  stone when they themselves have refused repeatedly to honour the 1975 refendum to the point of near self destruction, the EU has proved itself to be the Tories kryptonite, Thatcher, Major, Cameron and MAY have all fallen to the Tory rights obsession with the EU, i myself think this is because of the entitled publicly schoolled Tory right wing feelling that they have a devine right to rule and anything that challenges that will never suit them, bearing in mind that so far britain being in the EU has consumed the tories for forty four years (and counting) whatever the outcome leave or remain this is a is a poison which is set to drag on for decades.

Politics / Re: 2016 referndum invalid?
« on: April 10, 2019, 05:18:58 PM »
if we were to have a confirmatory referendum on the final deal that would be democratic, lets not forget how we were told that we  would be having all the benefits of free trade while being out of the union and how the NHS will be getting 350m per week and also how we would be taking back control (since when did ordinary people have any control the short answer is they didn't) that was the real bullshit, i think voters voted leave for many reasons so such a vote would be democratic and lets not forget how much value was wiped from the Pound which is still considerably lower as a result of the 2016 referendum we are already worse of and we have not even left yet. i personally think i am now of such an age that i do not think leaving or staying in the EU is unlikely to affect me for decades to come, i do however worry about how it will affect the young people who are likely to be stuck with whatever decision is made for better or worse.

Politics / 2016 referndum invalid?
« on: April 10, 2019, 02:20:23 AM »
Here we are in 2019 a little under three years after the 2016 referendum on leaving the EU, the so called brexiteers are to be seen on TV daily and their main argument seems to be that as a result of the referendum it is the will of the people that we leave the EU.
Another argument i have heard is that as Theresa May won the last election (with a little over 40% of the vote) and this gives her a mandate to implement the tory manifesto and thus to implement brexit are we to ignore the other 60%. secondly Harold Wilson once said a week is a long time in politics, a statement i might add which seems to have concensus across the political divide.
with this in mind surely three years would count as an eternity, so my question is that at what point does the 2016 referendum cease to be valid.
Iif you study the brexit polling since 2017 there has been a steady but inexorable rise in remain voters and an almost equal decline in leave voters, when i last looked it was 54% remain and 46% leave i would suggest that this coupled with the length of time since the referendum may make these arguments in favour of leaving the EU questionable at the very least.

Chesterfield Discussion / Re: Chesterfield Car Boot sale good news
« on: April 10, 2019, 01:27:29 AM »
if it does go ahead a lot of people are going to be happy including me

Politics / Re: Tory Minister Admits Voters No Longer Want Brexit
« on: April 01, 2019, 05:58:13 PM »
the big problem with May resigning is who will replace her and if it is a so called hard brexiteer we could be left in a worse condition than when May was misleading Parliament and the public, out of the frying pan into a raging inferno?.

Politics / an important message from the prime minister
« on: March 21, 2019, 05:10:00 PM »
Hello i adress you the People of Britain, the impass we have on my brexit deal is not my fault, the Brexit proposal i have put forward to parliament is not my fault, the shambles i have precided over is also not my fault.

Firstly to you the people of britain i urge you to take responsibility for your contribution to the mess our country is now in, in 2017 i came to you to ask you for a mandate to do exactly as i pleased irespective of how damaging this could be by holding an election, and you turncoat prolls refused to give me a majority and left me leading a minority government and as a rusult of needing to cling onto power i was forced to bribe sorry i mean persuade the DUP MPs to prop up my government.

And now i come to Parliament (spit) and the Mps whose duty it is to make decissions in Parliament (spit) who have done everything in their power to do what they think is in the interest of the british people, they have done everything in their power to hold me and my Government to account and to block any damaging proposal i have put forward to ensure that not only remain voters are furious but also leave voters feel the same, and in this respect i have clearly bought the people of Britain together i have strove to take back power from the EU and to hand it back to Parliament (spit) so that me and my Government can ignore it. who are these reckless MPs to try and adhere to the values of a Parlimentary democracy (spit).

As a result yesterday i came up with a brilliant wheeze, i would go on TV and slate off MPs both remain and leave and also the wavering MPs which will ensure even those minded to support me will never vote for my dreadfull deal and that Parliament (spit) will remain gridlocked and this will cause such confusion they will never have the time to think of getting rid of me. and to the traitorous MPs i say what the hell do you think this is a Democracy? lol. theresa

Chesterfield Discussion / choosy beggar
« on: March 14, 2019, 01:08:59 AM »
have any members of the forum come across "choosy beggars", this is an action which acording to the web is gaining popularity, i myself have been a victim of this practice (if victim is the right word) i was recently selling an item on ebay and received the following message.

hi iam a local fundraiser for cancer research uk and i am planning to do bingo events throughout the year and was wondering if you would donate items to achieve this please in exchange i will promote your business and if you can could u send me business cards to give out also i will advertise ur company i will defernatly need a bingo calling maching please please could you help with this to achive this please we also will be doing raffles along side these events i look forward to hearing back from you thank you

stewart tammy hooker
local fundraisers for cancer research uk.

When i refused his offer to take this item from me for free the response I received was most uncharitable, i complained in the strongest terms to cancer uk, as i considered his request was totally unsolicited and would have placed me in clear breech of ebay rules had i acseeded to his request i regard the response i received from cancer uk was totally dismissive.

General Discussion / Re: Nuisance phone calls
« on: March 13, 2019, 01:06:24 PM »
over the last month or two i have been receiving a call from number 08438702858 around midday, the phone rings for two times and then rings off, has anyone else had problems with this number?.

you are lucky i have received constant harrassment from Scottish Power, including arrainging an apointment for me against my express wishes, the letters i have received are highly ambiguous and inferred that this had to be completed to fall in line with government regulations, when i last received a call from them i very impolitely informed them that should they continue their harrassment i intended to aproach the regulater hopefully the message has sunk in, should they contact me again i may inform them something with the second word off and just put the phone down.

further to my post about smart meters here is a link which may prove informative

Today i found out something about smart meters that you may not know, i certainly didn't, your electricity company can without warning remotely disconnect your electricity supply.
Some may think this is not an issue that effects them however we have all heard of the horror stories about people who have had these meters installed and as a result having their bill being miscalculated ending up with bills for thousands of pounds, and the electricity companies taking months to correct their mistake, there is a possibility in such circumstances that there is nothing to stop the company switching your electricity supply off without warning because you are in conflict with your electricity company.
I found this out when we had a visit from the power distribution company to fit an extra isolation switch as part of our houses rewiring, on asking these gents about smart meters both said they have neither got one and they would not be having one fitted. if the people in the industry do not trust them why should we.

Politics / Tory Minister Admits Voters No Longer Want Brexit
« on: March 10, 2019, 06:34:45 PM »
Yes it is true i was watching Jeremy Hunt on TV this morning and he stated that to stop brexit all that was needed was three things, vote down the prime minsters deal, get an extension to article fifty and then get a referendum.
What he is saying if you read between the lines is that the Government accepts that if we have another referendum then the people would vote to remain and  as a result there would be no Brexit.
Now forgive me if i appear stupid, but i have spent the last few years being told how brexit is the will of the people and how it would be an afront to the voting public and anti democratic if we did not leave the EU, and now a Senior Government Minister has finally let the cat out of the bag by telling some of us what we already knew, and that is that continuing with Brexit is not about democracy or the voting public but more about Tory infighting and dogma.

Chesterfield Discussion / Re: Highland Cattle
« on: March 09, 2019, 05:57:01 PM »
this is typical of townfolk and city people and their view of the countryside, they think it is there just to look pretty and allow them a place to wander around at will, my view is if they feel threatened in a place THEN STAY AT HOME YOU MORONS.
the countryside does look pretty but as has been proved in the past can be an unforgiving place to idiots, i refer of course to peole getting lost and caught up in bad weather conditions without the correct clothing, lettting their dogs run amock and to worry the sheep then complaing when a farmer comes along and blows its bloody head off, also leaving marked tracks and falling down old mine shafts to name a few things that can befall the idioticly unprepared or unwary.
i myself was dragged up in the capitol of the peak district in the sixties and vividly remember the stench of the foot and mouth bonfires, being trapped in our homes for days by huge snow drifts and unable to get fresh milk and bread because you could not get to the shops, i also remember for days being escorted to school in groups with an armed escort because a wild animal was attacking sheep and cattle and everybody thought it was an escaped lion or cougar and thought it may attack people (it turned out to be a wild dog) eventually it was caught in a trap and was shot, you can bet the decission to tell the farmer to get rid of his cattle was made by some pillock in a city office somewhere who has no idea of the countryside and believes it is just there for the middle classes to go to impress their friends at dinner parties by regaling their guest with "how clarrisa went in to a cave and fell and broke her leg and the cave rescue, mountain rescue and a heilcopter had to be called out to to save them" you do not have cattle in starbucks or waitrose, so go there and stay the hell out of the cattles place ie the countryside you middle cass idiots.

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