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Politics / Re: Shamima Begum and ISIS
« on: February 19, 2019, 12:47:29 PM »
This whole question arises from one big failing of the judicial system in this country, "Wrongdoers have rights too"
Just what do you have to do or say in this country before the judiciary says "Sorry that won't wash, your getting the book thrown at you"

There has to be a cut off point. Many lawyers, in Britain, defending the indefensible have to resort to finding loopholes in the law to get their clients off as guilt or innocence no longer seems to be the issue. You only have to look at that trial a few years ago now {I think it was Guinness or something} the guy in the docks lawyers had the jury believe he had basically gone ga ga and was not fit to stand trial, he must have put on a convincing act  as the jury bought it and the case was dismissed, about 3 weeks later that same bloke was chairing a large corporation earning mega bucks.
These girls WILLINGLY joined ISIS they knew what they were doing, they knew where they were going. The lawyers would argue they were 15 years old minors therefore didn't know what they were doing {put expletive here}
Leave her where she is and revoke her citizenship, bring the kid back, as that's the only innocent part of this mess, and put it up for adoption.
For all we know her "husband" has probably put her up to this, she gets repatriated back to Britain, lives off the state, meanwhile he like many other ISIS fighters have merged into the background claiming to be a refugee, mingling with the very people they have terrorised for so long, and sooner or later he will find himself in Britain playing house with his "wife and kid" yet another sleeper cell!

Fun Stuff / Tom Pepper
« on: February 17, 2019, 02:15:36 PM »
"He's a bigger liar than Tom Pepper"

From being small to my teens I often heard my dad use this expression when describing someone. I always thought that this was a local saying until I heard Paul Shane use it on an episode of Hi-Di-Hi a few years ago. Turns out it's a common colloquialism and looking it up it's origin seems to be open for debate as they all sound plausible.

Politics / Shamima Begum and ISIS
« on: February 17, 2019, 01:55:27 PM »
Some would say she is a British citizen and therefore should be entitled to return. People say no! but then again Trump says it's the E.U. countries duty to take ISIS captives {if from that country originally} and put them on trial, she obviously being one of them.
Having said that apparently over 300 so called ISIS have returned to this country already over the past months and you have to ask yourselves where are they, what are they doing, and more importantly how many of them are behind bars? all I see is dozens and dozens of ISIS sleeper cells being set up in this country and once established routing them out would be almost impossible.

Trump has got a point, why go to all the trouble of fighting these fanatics just to have to let them go, I believe Barak Obama said when he was president " The U.S.A. are not going to become the worlds police" I honestly don't think it's fair to expect the U.S. to try and house and deal with all these captives as they are from many many countries so it's got to be a shared responsibility.

As for her family begging the government to allow her {and now her non citizen child} back home, I sincerely hope if they agree it's just to put her behind bars. 

Chesterfield Discussion / Re: Horns Bridge Roundabout
« on: February 14, 2019, 12:25:32 PM »
The worst offenders on Horns Bridge roundabout are indeed those that come from the M1 in the right lane lane then cut across at the last minute to go into town. Similiar to those in the right lane at the bottom of Boythorpe Rd who want to go up Rutland Rd.
Many have nearly hit me, cos I don't hit the brakes to let them in  >: >;

One solution at horns bridge would be to slow down traffic coming from the M1 by placing a 30 M.P.H. restriction at least 1/4 mile before horns bridge {with speed cameras and better directional signage} as the reason drivers change lanes is that they hit horns bridge at break neck speed and haven't read the signs properly.
CLOSE the Hasland slip road onto the 617 at Whitehouses altogether, making the approach to horns bridge from the M1 only two lanes, and re open the OLD Hasland road at Whitehouses {past the old Houldsworths depot} for traffic from Hasland with lights at the bridge end to filter onto the island, the result would be:-
Old Hasland road traffic can then safely turn either right {Clay X} or left {town} without having to "merge" with speeding traffic.
The speed cameras would ensure drivers approach horns bridge at a comfortable safe speed enabling them to read the signs.
The two lanes on the 617 approaching horns bridge would then be clearly marked thus....
1st lane {old middle lane}....... to Clay Cross, B&Q and Markham road exit {A617 lane 1} .
2nd lane {old outer lane} town centre exit {A617 lane 2}, A61 Dronfield, or back to M1. 
I think this system would drastically reduce lane changing. 

General Discussion / Re: A Poll for the male members
« on: February 14, 2019, 11:36:55 AM »
Will any of you tough male members own to to being soppy.
Valentines Day is here -
Are you the Flowers or chocies man for your partner. Treat them to a  romantic meal out?

Or - do you think it's all rubbish ????

Sadly O.C. it just such times as this that we DON'T go out for a meal. After being married for over 45 years romance doesn't enter into it, I don't mind going for a meal on our birthdays as the "special" day is ours alone but when the whole country is celebrating everywhere is booked up. The best time to go out for a meal is the day after such an event as valentines as the places would be literally empty and more relaxed........valentines etc is just a money making scheme anyway, if you want romance in your life and you want to show your loving side to your partner you don't have to wait for just one day a year.   

Chesterfield Discussion / Re: Horns Bridge Roundabout
« on: February 13, 2019, 08:57:41 PM »
From the mid 70's till 2000 I used the motorway frequently in the job I was doing. We were sent out daily with a set amount of work, this was classed as a days work basically set by people who had never done the job. Until the postal strikes of the early seventies this work was done by the post, so our company started using own vehicle deliveries and so was in it's infancy.
Obviously, depending on how you approached the days work, your working day could be 8 hours {or less} that's if you got your toe down and ran instead of walked, if you tackled it the time and motion way {officially the correct way} it was an absolute minimum of 9-10 hours sometimes more.
The vast majority of vehicles on the road between 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Mon through Fri were delivery vehicles, 90% of which had the same mindset as us "get out there, get it done. get home" especially when the weather was bad, and that must still hold true to this day. That meant that for most of your day you were being "held up" on the roads. Although it was very frustrating I and others must have created the illusion of being "bad" drivers. I firmly believe it was the very people who used to hold us up {unintentionally mostly} that coined the phrase "WHITE VAN MAN"
This label was probably very apt for some, as not all white vans were driven by delivery drivers.

Chesterfield Discussion / Re: Another shop bites the dust
« on: February 13, 2019, 01:23:24 PM »
It sounds like it will be 'Jacks' then Sorastro. I gad heard it may be this store or Iceland.
Jacks I am told is a store owned by Tesco which will sell cheaper food in a bid to be competitive with Lidl and Aldi

If that's the case O.C. then why compete against themselves? why not just drop the prices in the big store

Fun Stuff / Re: An observation about marriage
« on: February 13, 2019, 11:42:09 AM »
Life was so much simpler before I got married.

I had absolutely no friggin idea there was a wrong way to put the milk back in the fridge.

Very true.....according to my wife I'm rank useless...... that is until she finds a spider in the bath!

Chesterfield Discussion / Re: Horns Bridge Roundabout
« on: February 13, 2019, 11:36:29 AM »
Going round an island again, it's better to be late in this world than early in the next.

The trouble is bransoj unfortunately "bad" drivers are the elephant in the room, as with guns, guns don't kill people... people kill people. Everything in life works well when done properly. I've said it before and I'll say it again... we are basically STILL travelling on 1960's style roads. The road network in this country has not kept up with demand it's pathetic, the M1 for example, I was driving that stretch of road very soon after it opened round here and by the mid 70's it was classed THEN as not fit for purpose and here we are 40 years down the line and apart from an extra lane here and there nothings changed {apart from the traffic volume}.

Chesterfield Discussion / Re: Another shop bites the dust
« on: February 13, 2019, 11:09:01 AM »
I had heard about that also one or two more but can't remember which shops apart from the one which closed near Tesco in Clay Cross.
I keep meaning to look if they are in yet - but forget!! :(

Been to Clay Cross this morning, had a look on the window of the closed down pound world next to Tesco, there's a notice on it.
Apparently there has been an application made to the council for a licence {amongst other things} to sell alcohol there. the application has been made by none other than Tesco!!

Chesterfield Discussion / Re: Horns Bridge Roundabout
« on: February 12, 2019, 08:27:29 PM »
It is for that very reason I avoid all 3 roundabouts on that stretch of road if at all possible. If I need the West side of town I usually go through St. Augustines or Grangewood, East side, Piccadilly and Swadale, I only go on there if it's absolutely necessary. Going round those Islands is like being on the dodgems.  Also this is why I don't go anywhere without my dash cam on.
 Over the years since that dual carriageway from Whitt moor to Horns bridge was first opened I travelled that stretch on a daily basis {to and from work} I have seen stunts pulled on there that would make your hair curl.

The thing that I just don't understand is why "drivers" going round the islands suddenly decide they need that particular exit, so risk a pile up cutting across lanes of traffic {as in the previous post} if you miss your turn GO ROUND THE ISLAND AGAIN and get in the right lane, surely it's better to add another minute to your working day than risk six months in traction, {or worse!}

General Discussion / Re: Leah Remini Scientology and the aftermath
« on: February 11, 2019, 11:52:16 AM »
It is alleged........

During the episodes aired it appears that there was rumours around that one of the main reasons Tom Cruise says nothing against Scientology and shows no sign of leaving {yet!} is that they have something on him. All I can say is, if true, whatever it is it must be a doozy.

Chesterfield Discussion / Re: Another shop bites the dust
« on: February 11, 2019, 11:46:46 AM »
In town this morning and it appears the closed down pound world shop on Steeplegate is being transformed into an Iceland.

General Discussion / Re: Smart Meter
« on: February 08, 2019, 07:58:07 PM »
You won't know that until later in the year then?
I take it it isn't a fixed price

No I never have one of those fixed tariff plans as I need to change companies without any strings attached, they have offered me such a deal but you have to put up 2 months payments up front and there doesn't seem to be a guarantee it won't alter.

General Discussion / Re: Smart Meter
« on: February 08, 2019, 11:54:37 AM »
So have we sorted the Energy out Sorastro?

Just got the energy companies update... it's going up by £5 p/month, as I say I'm not overly bothered about how much, I'm more interested in how often!

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