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General Discussion / Calendars 2020
« on: June 15, 2019, 11:23:00 AM »
Having read about the problems for calendar companies over the sudden idea to change one of next years holidays, I can't help but wonder why there has to be so much info on a calendar anyway.
Looking at the calendar I have it gives the phases of the moon, duke of Edinburgh's birthday, all Saints day, fathers day, St. valentines day, St. Patrick's day et al
I basically don't need all that guff on a calendar and I dare say most other people don't, I just need the day and month to write down hospital/dental/optician appointment reminders. If the need wasn't there, to fill calendars with tripe, these calendar companies that have already printed a load of next years calendars with the "mistake" on wouldn't have a problem.
One company was asked "Why don't you just add a note mentioning the mistake?" but they said that they have a certain image to keep and that would not be right, I honestly think they think the Government is going to compensate them for it...good luck with that then!

General Discussion / Re: Funeral plans
« on: June 14, 2019, 12:00:31 PM »
Everyone complains about "nuisance" phone calls. Especially the callers and scammers frightening the old and vulnerable with threats of bailiffs and courts if they don't pay a "fictitious fine". Yet these adverts basically do the same thing.


I still say if you have worked your whole, life paid into the system, especially the ones who are possibly months away from retirement, and they suddenly die I think the least the Government can do is pay for the funeral, or put a sizeable amount towards it. The D.T. obituaries usually contain people who have passed away before they could enjoy retirement, that means the Government has "got away" without paying state pension to them so a couple of grand towards the funeral wouldn't be amiss.
Obviously if that person had been a total waste of space and never contributed to society then that's a different matter.

Politics / Re: Boris!!
« on: June 14, 2019, 11:40:54 AM »
So according to the first round in the P.M. stakes Boris is streets ahead of the others, well if he's the best choice, the others must be a right shower.

As mentioned in last nights Question time his tenure as Mayor of London cost the tax payer £millions and as a front bencher even more deniro so as I have stated before what will he do as P.M.?

Politics / Re: Boris!!
« on: June 13, 2019, 12:03:41 PM »
Whoever takes over the reins at Downing Street apparently one of the first jobs is to "dump" the dead wood starting with sacking Chris Grayling the transport minister.

The only good thing about this Brexit fiasco is that it has managed to expose such blatant time wasters that were given jobs that they are TOTALLY unqualified for in government, and the £billions poured down the drain every single day through these ministers ineptitude. Everyone has always known politicians were a waste of space  but very few realise how much it costs the taxpayer.

It is alleged........
Thanks to Grayling managing the countries transport system companies are now queuing up to sue the government over preparations for Brexit, among them P&O...Stagecoach..Virgin... a rail firm based in France to name but a few. There was another company suing but that apparently has been settled and the cheque written out had a lot of zero's on it {all taxpayers money}.

Whenever Grayling or others are asked about HS2 they all say the same thing "It's on budget, on time" and I actually think they believe it, It's been way over budget for a long time, and god knows when {or even if} it will ever be finished.
If Boris does get in and he DOES sack Grayling he will have gone up in my estimation.

General Discussion / Re: Funeral plans
« on: June 10, 2019, 09:12:55 AM »
As with the review from the undertaker I believe a lot of undertakers DON'T use the pre-paid system because, when the inevitable happens, they can make more money by preying on the grieving vulnerable relatives at the time.
I have said before how can a funeral home justify asking say two and a half grand for a burial/cremation {and that's the cheaper end} when if you break down the costs to the undertaker it doesn't come near that amount. I realise they are businesses after all and I'm all for businesses making a profit, but there's profit and an out and out rip off, and funeral homes tread that fine line, and lets face it they will NEVER be struggling for business, death is an inevitability .

If you break down say a basic cremation... the undertaker will keep your loved one for about a week, put them in a coffin, transport them to the Crem with perhaps another car for the immediate family, pallbearers will take in the coffin then after the service will run the family either back home or to the wake total time from start to finish 3 hours tops.
The body is kept for a week it's not costing anything, the coffin purchased by the family {if cremation} will no doubt be used again, a couple of vehicles used for a couple of hours and pallbearers {only employed on a ad hoc basis}
If you did {or was allowed to do} a D.I.Y. funeral yourself the above you would need to do I estimate would probably cost you in the region of £600 to £800.
I remember as a boy the only time we saw "flashy" motors on the street was a funeral cortege and as very few people drove or owned motor cars in those days some funerals could have upwards of 3 or 4 cars following the hearse, I bet it wasn't cheap then so just imagine the cost of that now.

Politics / Re: high court case against boris quashed
« on: June 08, 2019, 12:07:43 PM »
Some of the quotes from the trial, to me, seemed to point to the fact Boris has got away with it again {as I knew he would}
"Amongst other claims he made during referendum campaign was that the U.K. send £350m per week to the E.U."

According to his barrister.........
The {above} claim was disputed by others at the time {which it was} so the voters were free to choose to ignore this information if they so wished.
Also.......It was a political claim open and available for debate.
Also.......Doing something "naughty" on the hustings is not an abuse of power.

Boris never even bothered to turn up to court. This tells you that A... he knew it would be thrown out, or B...he had better things to do. I know if my name was being dragged through the courts I would make sure I was there.
The claim was disputed at the time.... at no time during the campaign did anyone hear Boris, when asked about the claim {and he was asked many times}, say it was an exaggeration, or that he did not believe it was not the truth.
With the above claim though he didn't just mention it once or twice in interviews he had it emblazoned on the side of a bus for some considerable time, this to me was blatantly misleading the public, but as everyone says now, as we weren't given any info concerning leaving the E.U. at the time anyway so how was the ordinary man in the street able to question it, it was open season, and it still remains the fact we know virtually now't.

The problem with politics then is they can tell fibs till they are blue in the face because, at the end of the day, it's up to the electorate to discover what is fact and what is fiction and if you get it wrong {which is always} that's your fault, and as the words LIE and LIAR are prohibited in political circles, misleading the public, and getting away with it, will continue.

Remember the old saying........
Show me a politician who says they are 100% honest when dealing with the public and I will show you a fool or a liar.
Or......referring to Donald Trump from one of his supporters..........
A rich man goes into politics to become a politician....Other men become politicians to become rich.

Fun Stuff / Re: My superpower
« on: June 05, 2019, 09:59:33 AM »
My wife thinks I have super powers..........

Every time the doorbell rings she looks straight at me and says "Who's that???"

General Discussion / Funeral plans
« on: June 03, 2019, 02:49:15 PM »
As with people of a certain age death comes soon enough without ghoulish adverts on telly asking you to shell out before you go.

Funeral plans, good or bad?
It sounds sensible but having checked out a few of these "companies" there are things you have to be aware of, for example cancellation fees, with some, if you decide to cancel AFTER the 28 day cooling off period you will be asked to pay, in some cases 20% of the original plan, this can run into the hundreds and for what. If you book a holiday say, and very near the time something happens and you need to cancel I understand receiving a penalty because wheels had been set in motion for you to go so therefore there is an amount of "undoing" to do but I can't see this here!
Believe it or not in some cases it depends on WHEN you kick your clogs whether they pay out the full amount {or anything at all} it's a minefield.
Plus it also looks like some are just a recruitment drive for sunlife. They all have limitations, they all have hidden costs, I've even come across a review for one of these companies from a funeral director no less and they basically said " Do yourself a favour and keep your money in the bank".

Unfortunately with these companies {as with the over 50's plans} you can't change to another company if they offer a better deal, like you can with utilities etc. once you've committed yourself your stuck with it.

Politics / Re: Boris!!
« on: June 01, 2019, 08:17:55 PM »
It think you will be found to be correct Fly.

In politics it's "Not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know". These Hooray Henry's have spent their entire lives in the same {wealthy} circles, they know each others skeletons and the cupboards in which they are kept.
A couple of phone calls to certain people in high places by Boris's lawyers and his muddy waters will suddenly start to clear. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that, not only will he be totally exonerated, but he will be such a spiffing guy they will be putting his name down for a gong.

Whatever the amount turns out to be I doubt the general populace will see any benefit from it.

Politics / Re: Boris!!
« on: May 30, 2019, 02:13:06 PM »
So.. Boris is heading for the courts,and it doesn't look as if he will walk away from this one. The sum of money plastered all over his brexit bus in 2016 turned out to be incorrect {big surprise}.

Misconduct in public office....... this "offence"{dating back to the 1300's} can carry a life sentence.
What I want to know is we WILL obviously save money by no longer paying into the Eurozone, but does anyone in the country know the true amount?? someone somewhere must have an idea!

A politician telling fibs........whatever next?

Politics / Re: Theresa May resigns
« on: May 28, 2019, 08:03:36 PM »
Alas I fear a general election with Labour getting in headed by Jeremy Corbyn will NOT be an answer.

I.M.O.  Corbyn has no leadership qualities whatsoever, this is known now and they are only the opposition at the moment.

Politics / Re: Theresa May resigns
« on: May 26, 2019, 08:09:51 PM »
So theresa May resigns as Prime Minister amid tears, she should saved her tears for herself, and instead shed them for the people being forced onto universal credit, the people who have to rely on food banks, the disabled people forced to endure Dwp assesments, to name just a few.

Something SHE will not have to endure.

I fear the tears shed were more frustration. Frustrating because she is not going down in the annuls of history as another "Iron" lady as she had hoped. She wanted to sort out Britain and be recognised, by this generation and others, for her "accomplishments", instead she will be remembered all right but for all the wrong reasons.

General Discussion / Re: Jeremy kyle Show Axed (at last)
« on: May 26, 2019, 08:01:20 PM »
i have been considering pitching an idea to the tv companies, the provisional title is THATS YOUR POO, it would involve celebrities going on the toilet and doing their business behind a screen and the contestants marrying up said poo to the potential pooee so to speak, in this day an age i think i am on to a surefire winner, this could be the ideal replacement for KYLE and not quite as repugnant as his smug face and certainly not as inane as his show.

As with my idea a while back "Celebrity nose picking"
If the same digit is used for both shows, lets hope the nose pickers are first!!!

Chesterfield Discussion / Re: James Arundel Massey
« on: May 26, 2019, 07:56:20 PM »
Hi, I'm trying to find any information on a local artist, James Arundel Massey who lived on Hawksley Avenue in Chesterfield and probably died mid 1980s.  Was he the son of the artist by the same name who lived 1875-1960.  Does anybody have any recollections of him?  I believe he lived in Buxton at the end of his life.

That names a blast from the past..........

Just to say that I knew very little about him except I knew he was a {local} artist...I'd totally forgot about him. He was well known round Chesterfield late 60's early 70's, in certain watering holes.
I remember taking him home a couple of times when I worked on Fishers taxis, as I remember if you came along Hawksley avenue from  Newbold road towards town there's a little service road with houses, on the left side of the avenue just before the bend, he lived in one of those, I don't know which one as I always dropped him off on the avenue itself.
I also remember being told he used to sometimes paint scenery for the Civic Theatre in town, so it might pay off looking into their archives {if any}

General Discussion / Re: Banks
« on: May 17, 2019, 08:15:30 PM »
I've tagged onto this post to save opening a new topic post.

Online banking.
Now I don't know how much YOU rely on online banking but it's something I've never done, and I'm not about to start.
I have remarked before about people nowadays saying they do it {amongst other things} because they haven't the time, but virtually every morning on "Rip off Britain" someone has been scammed out of their life savings by someone on line posing as their bank, and it's not always the elderly that get conned.
The maddening thing is when they realise it's a scam they go crying to the bank {via the B.B.C.} wanting them to basically give them their money back, and in most cases they do. WHY!!!
If someone on line posed as a employee of a bookies and gave me a cert for the 4 o'clock at Trumpton, so I put my life savings on the horse and it fell in the paddock, you wouldn't expect the bookie to reimburse me because I thought I was getting inside info from an employee who said it couldn't lose.{not a good analogy I know but you get the gist}

Now I know the banks have had a very bad press over the years {and quite rightly} and they are not exactly flavour of the month, but if they are going to reimburse everyone every time the public get scammed the public are never going to learn plus if they do it for one they can do it for everyone.

If I'm on line now and my bank pops up asking questions I know immediately it's a scam, and I'm not as techy savvy as most. If they claim to be from my bank I will obviously ignore it, I will wait till the next day {if I know the bank is now closed} and then ring the number I know is correct or better still 99% of the time I will visit the bank and speak to someone FACE TO FACE.
This is why banks branches are closing down, as I say I'm no fan of banks but I understand where they are coming from, I visit my local bank at least twice a week, usually for a mini statement.
Lets face it if you haven't time to just nip to your bank, for half an hour, just now and again, that half an hour could mean the difference between being comfortable or struggling, in the black or in the red, the choice is yours. Sooner or later the banks will turn off the tap.

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