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Rants / Re: DVLA rip off
« Last post by Fly on March 18, 2019, 10:21:30 PM »
We had to cancel Our_Lass's insurance after her seizure and she surrendered her licence. I was a named driver only.
The policy was only 3 months in at the time but we only got £75 back(about a 3rd of the cost). Because it was an online only policy, there was noone to phone and try to sort a deal to get it in my name.
I re insured the car in my name only with a different company.  :(
Rants / Re: DVLA rip off
« Last post by bransoj on March 18, 2019, 09:16:13 AM »
Loyalty bonuses only seem to get included if you contact them to get involved. I used to be with More Than and once i rang up to say i was leaving as a completely new customer quote was massively lower than my renewal and i could beat it just by a quick search on a comparison site. All of a sudden it came down quite a bit when they said i qualified for a loyalty bonus for staying. I queried why this wasnt included on the renewal as that would be me staying as well and he bumbled through a completely nonsensical reply. In the end i stayed with them as it was about the same as most of the other quotes and i couldnt be bothered messing about changing companies. Following year i left as their renewal was nonsense and they couldnt get close to any other companies.
Rants / Re: DVLA rip off
« Last post by Tarzan on March 18, 2019, 12:09:06 AM »
So if you hadn't got in touch with them, they were happy to charge you the other £40 quid !!

Loyalty ?  :o

They don't automatically renew it,  i always go to their office to sort it !
Rants / Re: DVLA rip off
« Last post by Fly on March 18, 2019, 12:01:08 AM »
So if you hadn't got in touch with them, they were happy to charge you the other £40 quid !!

Loyalty ?  :o
Rants / Re: DVLA rip off
« Last post by Tarzan on March 17, 2019, 11:23:15 PM »
In relation to car insurance.... I've been using "Spire Insurance"(near to railway station)  for years. They always do their best to give me a good deal, & always manage to beat online comparison sites. This year they sent me my renewal price, but when i went to the office , they got it down another £40 without me even asking.  Like most people, i thought that insurance companies did't give anything for loyalty, but these people really do make an effort to keep your custom !
It's also better to deal with someone this way, than someone in a call centre !
Fun Stuff / Dear optimist, pessimist........
« Last post by Alsatian on March 16, 2019, 10:43:10 PM »
Fun Stuff / Job interview
« Last post by Alsatian on March 16, 2019, 10:42:06 PM »
General Discussion / Re: 8 year old girl threatens PCSO
« Last post by Sorastro on March 16, 2019, 09:46:37 PM »
I bought a junior hacksaw from poundland yesterday, the assistant had to come over to the self serve till and give consent for the sale.
What is the world coming too indead !

The only way to stop knives etc falling into the wrong hands is an outright ban, which as we all know is a bloody silly suggestion.
 Someone being able to have access to a knife is as easy as breathing.
If I were to get a knife from the kitchen, go out tonight and stab the first person I see, what's to stop me ?
My common sense, my upbringing, my respect for human life, my intelligence to know fact from fiction, but most importantly as far as I am concerned I KNOW IT WOULD BE WRONG!!
These people that do these things should be made to understand there is no reset button on a corpse.
Rants / Re: DVLA rip off
« Last post by Sorastro on March 16, 2019, 09:31:57 PM »
We live in a rip off world, if the government is willing to stitch you up what chance have you against anyone else.
It's the same with me and my new car insurance policy {I got it on line} I've rung a couple of times and to date the calls have cost me just over £13 for a total of about 15 minutes I kid you not, and I don't think I'm done yet.
It's the same with almost anything, we booked a holiday that we had seen on line a few years ago, when we rang the company to book it the number wasn't premium rate and it was answered within 3 rings and we booked and paid for the holiday in a "resort" the girl on the other end said was lovely, we subsequently found out from others that where we had picked made the black hole of Calcutta look like Disneyland, so I rang to change the destination { and hand out a bo**ocking}, I tried twice on my own {mobile} phone and just  listened to music so one day I was so frustrated I used the works phone {I'm not proud of that} and left that line on speaker determined to speak to someone, it was finally answered after 55 minutes and I believe it was a premium line.
These companies only aim in life is to squeeze as much dosh out of you as they possibly can, whenever they can by whatever means they have at their disposal and phone lines are a cash cow for them.
This time with the car insurance, I was determined to go back to a high street insurance broker and scrap on line quotes, but because of being messed about on line till the 11th hour, it was too late to get any more high street quotes so I had to go with them again but I'll be ready come time to renew.

I think it's about time to reverse the trend. Switch off the shopping side of computers and start re vitalising our high streets before it's too late, for those that say they can't find the time to go to shops and businesses my answer is yes, yes you can always find the time if you need to. Visit a REAL establishment, talk to a REAL person, if you do need to contact them by phone for any reason it's a LOCAL number.
Rants / DVLA rip off
« Last post by Alsatian on March 16, 2019, 04:10:56 PM »
I recently changed my car (26th February to be precise), therefore I needed to tax the new car and get a refund on the old one.

I not only ended up paying for the whole of February on the new car, I only got a refund for any complete months on the new one!

Whilst I understand that it would be a difficult task in the 'olden days' of returning the old paper tax disc to the DVLA etc, but nowadays when it's all done by computer (very often at the point of sale - eg dealers desk!) it is wholly possible to calculate down to the day.

Seems like a(nother) money making exercise for the government.
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