Author Topic: Time to put more effort into stopping illegal immigrants?  (Read 1080 times)

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Time to put more effort into stopping illegal immigrants?
« on: September 05, 2014, 01:36:18 PM »
This is kind of a rant but also a kind of thought and debate.

Ive seen on the news over the past couple of days that immigrants in Calais have been scaling fences, trying to board ferries, getting in lorry trailers and in one case, even hiding in a womans car.  And what happens when they get caught?  They are detained, interviewed, told to report to a centre, released and never seen again.

Its getting beyond a joke now.  I can only assume that they are attracted to the UK because we panda to them and give them housing, free Medical care and above all, benefit payments.

Personally I think its about time that the government spent more money on the border control side to employ more staff so they had the time and resources to check every single lorry, car etc coming from a non UK country.

I know that its almost impossible to stop it completely but more checks would hopefully put off people trying.

The fact is, this government (all parties) need to grow a pair of balls and stand up to this influx of people who are not legally entitled to be here and give them sod all.

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Re: Time to put more effort into stopping illegal immigrants?
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2014, 06:41:14 PM »
My thoughts on the plight of these people are - just because they want to come here - why should the UK be responsible for them?

I am sorry for their situation but we are responsible for our actions, the UK didn't ask them to go to Calais with a means of getting here

They are in Calais, let them sort it.
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