Author Topic: Chained To A Babylon System Welcome To The Country Of The Living Dead.  (Read 884 times)

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No matter which way you look at it people in this country are chained to an unequal system. The few rule over the many people have lost heart in our political system that favours oppression of the working man who's lot gets harder by the year he once lived life now he struggles to get by. We are told that our society is equal and fair but the cold reality is far from it. The Welfare state and the NHS once pround avchiements of our country are now been dismantled and demonised by the establishment. Its your fault your out of work its your fault your disabled or claim a pension the right wing press play up to the Offical line in the desire to cause hate and division in the population no wounder our young and old turn to drink and drugs to cope in this reality of oppression. Our society too has paid a price how many people know the neighbors or check on that old person down the road who's curtains haven't moved in days? - not many I guess we have become too self centred for that now we live in a world of survival but many don't realises that, your chained to a Babylonian system.