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an important message from the prime minister
« on: March 21, 2019, 05:10:00 PM »
Hello i adress you the People of Britain, the impass we have on my brexit deal is not my fault, the Brexit proposal i have put forward to parliament is not my fault, the shambles i have precided over is also not my fault.

Firstly to you the people of britain i urge you to take responsibility for your contribution to the mess our country is now in, in 2017 i came to you to ask you for a mandate to do exactly as i pleased irespective of how damaging this could be by holding an election, and you turncoat prolls refused to give me a majority and left me leading a minority government and as a rusult of needing to cling onto power i was forced to bribe sorry i mean persuade the DUP MPs to prop up my government.

And now i come to Parliament (spit) and the Mps whose duty it is to make decissions in Parliament (spit) who have done everything in their power to do what they think is in the interest of the british people, they have done everything in their power to hold me and my Government to account and to block any damaging proposal i have put forward to ensure that not only remain voters are furious but also leave voters feel the same, and in this respect i have clearly bought the people of Britain together i have strove to take back power from the EU and to hand it back to Parliament (spit) so that me and my Government can ignore it. who are these reckless MPs to try and adhere to the values of a Parlimentary democracy (spit).

As a result yesterday i came up with a brilliant wheeze, i would go on TV and slate off MPs both remain and leave and also the wavering MPs which will ensure even those minded to support me will never vote for my dreadfull deal and that Parliament (spit) will remain gridlocked and this will cause such confusion they will never have the time to think of getting rid of me. and to the traitorous MPs i say what the hell do you think this is a Democracy? lol. theresa


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