Author Topic: election results protest vote?  (Read 47 times)

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election results protest vote?
« on: May 10, 2022, 12:15:41 PM »
Well it didn't look good for Boris and his crew but is this just a blip?, it's happened before over the years, parties have done well in by elections etc but when the big one arrives.

I've said it before... this system of governing is outdated. After hundreds of years the people who lord it over us are the ones with the money and power and it's never going to change unless we change it.
TOO WHAT? ....that's a good question, there must be some ideas out there, we've had plenty of time to come up with something.
At the end of the day it's Labour v Conservatives and even though there's a lot of millionaires on the Tory benches there's just as many on the Labour benches that are well off that will never go without or starve, that's why the majority go into politics.

Our first past the post system may seem fair but if the {big} parties can field enough candidates the also rans stand no chance. Yes if they win their respective seat they get to sit in the Commons but they are no real threat to the party in power.
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Re: election results protest vote?
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2022, 12:25:05 PM »
Quite right, but . . .
At the end of the day it's Labour v Conservatives
and they like it that way.  That's why it won't change.

As far as the recent results go, Lib Dem gains in locals don't necessarily translate into anything in a general election.  They are a party with a local mindset, and can be very effective locally, but nationally they don't have a good reputation and are currently quite obscure.


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