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DfE (Department for Education ) survey
« on: June 10, 2023, 05:37:20 PM »
Have you or someone you know been approached to take part in a study on behalf of the Department for Education ?    the chance of any individual having been selected to do it is pretty small ,  probably 1 in over 1,000 parents ,  to represent their views on childcare , whether formal like nurseries or childminders,  to informal  like an older sibling or grandparent ,  or even if none is used whatsoever  (as is the case with my own 2 year old granddaughter though she's not in Chesterfield) ,  the views of everyone who has been randomly selected are really really important .   

 It's a taxpayer funded study ,  everything is strictly confidential  whether you're bothered or not ,  and the more people out of the very few selected ,  that are interviewed,  the more accurate the results .   it would be too easy to just speak to anyone ,   it's not as exciting,  but it's a bit like your lottery number coming out and saying sorry,  i don't want it,  give it to someone else

30 parents have been picked in the S41 postcode area,  and 30 in S45 - Clay Cross, Danesmoor, even Ashover.  All have had 2 advance letters about it though it's not clear to them how few people have been chosen,  they probably think it's gone to everyone .   if you're one of the lucky or unlucky ones,  please try to arrange an appointment if approached, as you'll be representing the views of many parents who may like to have had the opportunity to take part but were one of the 29000 or so in each area not chosen

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Re: DfE (Department for Education ) survey
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2023, 07:18:33 PM »
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