Author Topic: karen at the butchers.  (Read 279 times)

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karen at the butchers.
« on: October 26, 2023, 11:52:21 AM »
For those of you who do not know what a Karen is, it is an entitled person who thinks they can order other people around and they come in varying degrees of Karenicity from just barking orders to screaming and criminal damage (type wild karens into YouTube) and you will see what i mean.
Today i went into the butchers in the market hall (the one opposite Elliot's) where they sell individually portioned pieces of pie from a metal tray, so i  politely asked for a piece of steak pie from the lady who was serving and she proceeded to give me a corner piece and i politely requested a piece with only one edge of pastry the response i received was and i quote "you don't get to get to pick and chose that will leave me with only two corner pieces" unquote, whaaaat  can i point out Karen that pick and chose is exactly what i get to do when i am spending MY money, it is not for you karen to decide what i spend my money on it is up to me, and i did offer to give the piece of pie back as it seemed to mean so much to her (maybe she was saving it for her husbands tea) over the last 30-40 years customer service has come a long way however some people still seem to be in the wrong trade.

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Re: karen at the butchers.
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2023, 06:41:16 PM »
Oh dear sorry to hear this.
If it's the butchers I'm thinking of I've ordered my meet from them since the 1990's. It's lovely meat. I'm due another meat order for the winter. I've always found the Butcher very friendly and polite
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Re: karen at the butchers.
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2023, 08:27:02 PM »
Fortunately I only ever use that butchers when purchasing a large Watson & Brown probably twice a year.
I used to use them quite a bit at one time a good few years ago when those two old ladies {Hinge and Bracket} served behind the counter. It's that long ago now and time dims the brain but this particular day one of them served me and she couldn't have been more obnoxious if she had tried, I was basically spoken to like a 7 year old and to this day I don't know what kicked her off but I do remember it was certainly nothing I said or did so as I was leaving I said to the bloke who's stall it was and had obviously heard the one way conversation  "I won't be shopping here again" and he never batted an eye.

Even more unfortunate is my eldest daughters name!!!!!!
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